Does Your Recruiting Firm Offer CPC Designation?


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Job Hunters need to pick their Recruitment firm with care. Not all recruiting companies are equal. Unfortunately, most job hunters are unaware of CPC or why they need to find a recruiting firm with this certification.

I am pleased to announce the CPC Certification for many of our Gecko Hospitality Partners and Recruiters. Mike and Dawn Tsirelis, Sterling Smith, Barry Mills, Lisa Gamble, Dossandra Lazar, James Bullard, Linda Allen, Victoria Epstein, Shane McCormick, Scott Radel, Andrea Hudon, Darrel Reidinger, Jeff Butts and Billy Gilson – passed their CPC Certification and are now CPC certified. Congratulations.

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What does CPC certification mean? Certified Personnel Consultants (CPC) are recruiters with the knowledge about the federal laws affecting the Restaurant and Hotel Hospitality Industry. They take pride in their work as professional personnel consultants. They also have broad knowledge of essential elements for those engaged in Restaurant and Hotel Management. The CPC certificated recruiter knows the legal information relevant to the hospitality industry.

As the hospitality industry grows, so does Gecko Hospitality. By having a dedicated and educated staff of recruiters, Gecko Hospitality can guarantee the best possible results for staffing management professionals in restaurants, hotels, casinos, clubs, or any other hospitality venue. By partnering with top of the line hospitality partners, and housing a knowledgeable staff of recruiters, Gecko Hospitality ensures that no stone is left unturned while placing top level manager professionals.

Now, more than ever, Gecko Hospitality offers More Choices.

Gecko Hospitality works across the USA to put qualified Hospitality management professionals in the right hotels, restaurants, spas and resorts. They offer tips and advice to job hunters on more than 100 websites across the internet, as well as their

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Does Your Recruiting Firm Offer CPC Designation?