Submitted by: Tom Hanson

You may have found yourself at the top of your game one summer. You were striping the ball like never before, hitting greens and fairways every time, and chipping up and down like you were Phil Mickleson only to see it all come apart around the green.

If this is your case, you may have come down with a condition known as the chipping yips. The chipping yips cure has alluded even the best of professionals for years, and major winners like Tom Watson, Ben Hogan and Bernhard Langer have all suffered from the yips at one point in their career failing to find the chipping yips cure before losing a chunk of their game or their profession.

If the chipping yips are plaguing your game, youre likely frustrated and desperate to find the chipping yips cure. You might be tinkering or fooling around with your game, but this is not the way out when it comes to the yips. This is not the correct chipping yips cure recognized by those who have helped to eradicate the position.

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The chipping yips will cause you to lose your fine motor skills, and you will find your game around the green nervous, jerky and unstable. You will feel like youve forgotten how to chip, and you may find yourself standing over a short greenside shot and suddenly unable to move or play.

The chipping yips cure may be your last ditch chance to get your game back, but you need to know the right way to get in done or be left in despair for the rest of your golf playing days.

By all accounts, this affliction is a tragic process to watch for any golfer or golfing friend. It will drain the energy from your game and you ill find yourself hitting shanks like you never have before. Your body will freeze over the ball, your brain will shut down and your fingers will feel like jell-o. You will not be able to make the movements needed to bring the club back from the ball and swing it through the zone. Your swing might twitch, jerk and shake, and the skill out of your chipping will fall off of the face of the Earth. A frightening proposition indeed, but not one for which there is no way out or no hope in sight.

Like the professionals though, you can find access to the best methods to remove the golf course yips. And you can do this without spending tens of thousands on the most expensive instructors in the country.

Many fly-by-night methods will have you trying to fix your golf chipping yips with the incorrect methods. They will have you try to change your grip when chipping, or change your swing path, and this will only confuse your game.

The real way to get rid of the golf chipping yips is to attack the problem at the source which is the nervous system.

Going after these golf chipping yips from the source of the situation will give you the chance to start your game on the right path again. You will be attacking the ball aggressively, chipping with confidence and hitting the ball like you were at the top of your game.

About the Author: Dr. Tom Hanson specializes in removing the root cause of the yips so players are free to enjoy their game using the grip of their choice! Past coaching clients include the New York Yankees, Texas Rangers, Microsoft, Verizon, and American Express. Watch golfing yips cure videos at


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