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Making a great DVD cover for your video project can greatly increase your bottom line sales. The goal of designing an attractive DVD cover is to gain the attention of the consumer. Buyers have hundreds if not thousands of videos to choose from. What will make your video stand out? Let us help you make the most eye-catching cover possible. The following 7 tips to creating a beautiful DVD cover will not only attract the eyes of your target consumer, but will also increase the amount of sales you get. While some of these tips may seem like no-brainers, these are often some of the most overlooked factors.

1. Quality graphics are key. While quality graphics matter with every printing job, they are even more important for DVD cover printing. The source graphics and the printed graphics must look spectacular, or the result will look as if a few exotic parrots printed the covers in a ghetto garage. While large parrots are known for their intelligence, the lack of opposable thumbs would be a problem. Any images uploaded to a printing company should have a resolution of at least 300 DPI (dots per inch). While lower resolutions may look good on your computer screen, the printed result will be poor. Using images found online is rarely a wise decision, since the vast majority of them have a resolution that is less than 300 DPI.

2. Choose the design path. Typically, a printing company will offer two design options for DVD cover printing. You can upload a print-ready design along with any artwork, text, and photos, or you can ask a printing company to design the DVD cover for you. Images you want to use can be uploaded to the designer.

3. Focus on design sizing and density. Fonts should neither be too large or so small that you need a jewelers eyepiece to read the text clearly. Crowding the design with too much artwork or photos is a bad idea. Any text should be clearly visible that overlays the images.

4. Pay attention to contrast. Combining dark-colored text with a dark background will result in text that is not readable enough. Similarly, combining light-colored text with a light background causes unwanted contrast problems.

5. Put numbers on multiple disc sets. You can either place these numbers on the DVD cover, print or sticker them on the DVD itself, or both. It is especially important to number multiple disc sets that have similar artwork.

6. Check DVD cover text alignment and proofread. Since text may have to be aligned in a non-standard way to read correctly, be certain to test how your text will look once the DVD cover has been inserted into the case. Typos are unprofessional. Check your text for errors before printing.

7. With DVD cover printing, bulk orders save you money. While printing companies require initial resources before they begin your printing job, once they begin printing, you can save a lot of money by ordering significantly more copies than the minimum amount on the printing companys website drop-down menu.

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