Four Wonderful and Terrible Bride Fancy Dress Ideas


Rachael S. Thompson

There is so much variety and fun to be had dressing up as a bride for any fancy dress costume. In bride fancy dress you can symbolise the angelic bride to be in white, while partying and having fun at a party a very funny combination of images.

And then theres the whole dark or dead bird to dress up as, a wonderfully evil image for any Halloween. Here are a few excellent ideas to go on: 1. Angelic Bride costume

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The classic, bridal fancy dress costume. With flowing white dress and bridal veil. With white stockings, and shoes. The full outfit is of course a very noticeable one at a fancy dress party ad is a bit over the top many see it as kind of sacred to weddings only, but a great variation on it is… 2. The sexy bride costume

These are tonnes of fun at any party. A brides costume that is a bit shorter than normal, but still frilly and pure white. With a veil and high heel shoes to match. 3. Corpse bride costume

Ah, the dark side of the bride. The corpse of a dead bride nothing can send chills down your spine more than this image emerging at a Halloween party. You can make this from a white dress, with dark black parts sown in showing the ribs, and tattered, shredded edges. Patches of blood splashed all over showing evidence of your gruesome death.

And a veil that is perhaps faded, or stained. Earthy from the grave. 4. Skeleton Bride

The picture of evil a bride skeleton fancy dress costume. You want a black and white dress, torn and frayed. With a dramatic veil, and the key is great face paint giving you the face of a skeleton. White and fearsome, with dark, deep black eyes.

You can make any of these bride costumes, with a bit of imagination. You might have to ruin one of your nice white dresses though, so it really depends on how committed you are! On the other hand, buying or renting one from a good costume store will provide a great effect guaranteed. And your local store is bound to have one.

For any of these bride costumes, some great accessories are a bunch of withered roses very dramatic. To throw to the crowd and whoever catches them will be the next to become a zombie bride.

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