Use Adam Ginsbergs Template Optimizer to make money on eBay!


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In todays difficult economic times – and when its more competitive than ever to sell on eBay – you must lower your costs to maximize your profits if you are going to succeed. eBay fees are steadily increasing so it more important than ever to use 3rd party eBay listing tools to increase your bottom live. Adam Ginsberg has created and developed the revolutionary Template Optimizer software, where you will have access to incredible technology that is a real solution to the way to you can create quality eBay listings quickly and easily without draining your budget.

Adam Ginsberg has sold more than $20,000,000 on eBay. Adam Ginsberg knows what it takes to be successful on eBay. To be successful you must adapt and change. You also need to do things differently then way other people might be selling on eBay. And by automating your business you will take it to the next level which will further set you apart from other people who sell on the worlds #1 auction site.


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Scheduling allows you to list items in advance to go live when you want them towhich can help you maximize end-of-auction bidding and spread out your listings. eBay will charge you 10 cents per listing for this convenienceand when you multiply that by several listings, the cost quickly adds up. But Template Optimizer users pay no additional fee to schedule listings. So why pay for something you can get for free? You could use the money you save to invest in new inventory.

Image hosting

Adam Ginsbergs Template Optimizer image hosting can save you even more per listingand help increase your profit potential. When it comes time to list new goods, youll want to reassure buyers that what they see is what theyll get and Adam Ginsbergs Template Optimizer image hosting tools can help you do this. eBay will let you post one image for free, but each additional photo will cost 15 cents. To get Supersizing, you have to pay 75 cents per listing. with a maximum of 12 pictures per listing. You dont have to worry about these fees with Template Optimizeror about counting images. Adam Ginsbergs Template Optimizer listing tools support up unlimited Supersized images per listing at no additional charge.

Professionally-designed templates

Another tool to gain customers trustand save you moneyis professional listing templates. Template Optimizer has hundreds of these customizable skins that will make your listings pop and add a professional touch. While eBay does offer these, they are hard to customize and come at an additional cost. As well, they are not attractive. Template Optimizer offers hundreds of templates, so youll be sure to find the perfect design to suit your business. And again, you dont pay any additional fees.

Take your online business to the next level

As you can see, Adam Ginsbergs Template Optimizer not only makes it easier to list on eBay, it also saves you money. Are you ready to take your business to the nextl level? Be sure to check out Template Optimizer today!

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