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Modern day consumers who are seeking for lucrative income generation online businesses will stop at nothing to chase after their dream. As the cost of living rises with an impending inflation hitting the economy anytime soon, ordinary consumers are turning to online business opportunities as affiliate marketers.

Successful affiliate marketing programs like Cost-per-Action (CPA) are drawing hordes of consumers to try their hands at a free-and-easy business via modern technologies. This is possible with the myriad of tools and resources available to help affiliate marketers benefit more in drawing larger paychecks.

Zero Friction Marketing

One of the effective CPA marketing tools is Zero Friction Marketing. This is a specially designed CPA training kit used by veteran CPA affiliates who enjoyed lucrative incomes in their affiliate marketing ventures.

This training package is designed to cover current CPA networks to drive more traffic to the affiliate websites. With Zero Friction Marketing, it is supposedly possible for generating income without any sale unlike traditional affiliate marketing which is a primary advantage over CPA marketing. There is no capital investment or credit card payment to increase conversion rates as compared to traditional affiliate marketing.

A CPA affiliate can make use of this training package easily to bring in attractive volumes of side income with proper instructions on its application. The first step of this training would be to be registered as a CPA affiliate or a CPA publisher with a reputable CPA network. There may be many in the market today with different types of products and services to be promoted by the CPA marketer. It is advisable that the CPA marketer joins one reliable and established CPA network with a good range of hot products or services to kick start their online marketing program instead of several to get a good feel of the system.

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Workable Tips

With a good understanding of CPA marketing, an affiliate marketer can look forward to a handsome income through the choice of good products or services to promote. Different CPA networks offer different varieties of promotional items and services for affiliate marketers to cater to the different target audiences across the globe.

A beginner CPA affiliate may be confused over the variety of choices available without proper research and training. Zero Friction Marketing package training is helpful in this arena where new or inexperienced CPA affiliates can understand what is available and easy to promote in the market for good gains. A beginner CPA affiliate should start with promotional items that are highly in demand in the market today to enjoy an easier conversion for sales to bring in good commissions. Taking on one item to kick start the affiliate marketing venture is wiser than attempting a few items which may be difficult to handle and manage well for a start.

CPA marketing is excellent for those who are well versed with the concept and features. Zero Friction Marketing can add value to CPA marketing with a promotion in traffic generation. A successful CPA program is one with a constant stream of traffic to the affiliate website that translates into sales and commission. The more traffic the affiliate website enjoys, the higher the sales conversions for higher income. Not many CPA affiliates enjoy thousands of visitors to their website on a daily basis. Many CPA affiliates often have to pay for the desired traffic to generate potential leads and sales.

Components of Zero Friction Marketing

In Zero Friction Marketing, CPA affiliates learn what is working and what does not to shorten their learning curve on affiliate marketing skills and techniques. Experienced and veteran CPA affiliates share their success stories and marketing tips to generate cheap traffic that would boost the affiliates incomes. Affiliates with limited finances or a tight budget can enjoy massive traffic cheaply. Hence, Zero Friction Marketing is an attractive package for most CPA affiliates to get a jumpstart on their online business venture.

The training materials in Zero Friction Marketing comprise videos and PDF-documents that are user friendly and easy to understand. It contains a wide range of bonuses that are helpful to secure more traffic to the website.

The main components of Zero Friction Marketing are more than sufficient to understand and appreciate the concept and applications of CPA marketing. It contains easy-to-use features to get started on CPA marketing for beginner affiliates to avoid costly mistakes and time. It includes many good tips in working out CPA marketing programs successfully with clear guidelines and pitfalls to avoid for a smooth and quick learning curve.

The different components in the Zero Friction Marketing package must be carefully studied and understood to apply the skills and techniques in CPA marketing to make money from this online business venture. It is up to the affiliate marketer to put some of the useful suggestions and guidelines into action while formulating the best of CPA marketing campaigns in order to experience success and big bucks.

There are also process maps included in Zero Friction Marketing packages besides solid tutoring videos and eBooks. Step-by-step affiliate marketing guidelines are listed for an easy application to profit more from CPA marketing ventures. There are proven marketing methods for affiliate niches that are workable for guaranteed incomes.

Zero Friction Marketing uses the Triple M Method to teach about CPA marketing effectively without rehashing the contents. It teaches about making money without making sales, but through free trials and downloads as well as registrations. It is easier to execute CPA marketing than traditional affiliate marketing because commissions can be earned with or without sales.

4 Modules in Zero Friction Marketing

Zero Friction Marketing comprises 4 dynamic modules to boost the marketing confidence of new CPA marketers. Module 1 comprises the underground CPA files in a 50-page manual with video tutorials on CPA marketing. Module 2 comprises teachings to manipulate Microsoft Adcenter in promoting CPA offers. Module 3 engages MySpace as an excellent resource to dominate CPA marketing while Module 4 teaches on purchasing traffic through effective sources at low prices.

Most reviews on Zero Friction Marketing would conclude that this training package indeed over delivers its objectives.

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How To Compete Against The Big Boys

By Ed Eastwood

The already competitive nature of the business world has been radically transformed by the internet. Small businesses can now compete against national companies with a little help from local search engine optimization marketing. This has levelled the playing field somewhat. Multi-national companies targeting a large geographical area or country cannot always optimize their websites to target regional areas.

Say for example a national web design company was targeting the whole of the US for website building and you are operating in a more regional specific area, then you can compete with them and most likely beat them in Google for web design + the region your business is in. You should beat them hands down on relevancy alone.

I mean if you are in Fort Worth Texas, you should be winning the search engine battle for ‘web design Fort Worth’ against a company targeting the whole of the US. Here’s why. Google operates on supplying the most relevant results to the search engine browser. Back in the old days crooked webmasters could rank in the search engines via a process called keyword stuffing. So when you typed in ‘cheap holidays’ for instance you could navigate via the search results to the top listed website hoping to book your next vacation. On arrival to your horror you may notice that the website is actually an e commerce site for mobile phones.

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This practice became redundant when Google stepped into the game and became the market leader. So how do you make your website relevant to your geo targeted area? Well via your on page content and page titles of course. Very importantly is your contact info. Fill in your contact page with your actual physical address and you’re screaming at Google that your business is relevant particularly to this area. Stick your website details up on a few directory sites and this will reinforce the fact that you are operating in a specific area. It won’t disallow you from competing on a national scale, but it should stop multi-nationals with no relevance to your area muscling you out of the top slots.

The king of all methods in making your site relevant to your region is by adding a free Google places page. This is simple to do, all you need is a free Google account, you don’t need to pay web optimization experts to do this, you can do it by following Google’s instructions. But what if you want to target your website on a national level like the rest of the major brand companies? You can still do this by targeting key web pages on your site to industry generic terms. But don’t overlook your local area. Supply the needs to your own market and you’ll never grow hungry.

Remember if big corporate brand names want to target every region in the country via their website they will have to build a separate page on their site to do this. Their site would be thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands of pages big. It would be a mess, or look like a huge directory and lose the focus of what it is trying to achieve.

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