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Since affiliate marketing started, everyone wants to make money as easily and quickly as possible. But the truth is how fast and easy you earn depends on what niche you select and how you promote. Here is my take on how to select niches for affiliate marketing correctly.

Niches are basically products with market demand for it. Meaning products whereby people are not only interested and searching for but also willing to spend money on.

Common sense will tell that people will buy on 2 factors. Either they have a desperate need or they wanted it badly. It is only when either one or both of these things happen then you can be making money easily and quickly. Makes sense?

If you are new to affiliate marketing or do not know what affiliate marketing is, it is another yet commonly used term for internet marketing by theory. By action, it primarily means promoting other people’s products and services for a share of commissions.

Unlike offline marketing, you do not need to meet prospects, do face to face sales presentations or be involved in any customer service unless you are the product owner.

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Best of all, you can work anywhere and anytime you want because all you need is a laptop and internet connection.

Speaking of niches, I am sure you probably seen some on TV or read the rest in newspapers, magazines or even internet. Apple iphones, ipads, Smart TVs, costmetics, food, jewellery and healthcare products all are great examples.

The reason why they are there is because the advertising companies know there is a demand since most people want them. The PC

fair shows which I have in my Singapore twice a year is also another example of niches because the PCs and accessories they promote at huge discounts attracted a huge group of people coming to buy.

Realistically, if you want to make money fast, this is one model you should follow online. The only difference is all your marketing will be done online. It is very easy to find those niches.

You can start with online marketplaces like Amazon, Clickbank and Paydotcom since they are where I got started. Ideally, it should be something you are passionate and know a lot about so that it will be easier for you to promote since doing so like every marketer out there out to make a quick buck.

Whether you really know or not is up to you but for your prospects to determine before deciding to join your list and buy your products.

At the same time what you product should be what most people are passionate about or need badly as solution to their problems. If not, you will struggle to make money no matter how hard you market since there is no market demand for it.

Once you find your niche, find 10 to 30 keywords related to it using the free Google keyword tool and create content from them in the form of articles which you can use for your sites, email swipes and even videos.

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