Canon Selphy ES40 – The Small Photo Printer That Talks


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No, you’re not dreaming. You heard it correctly. That’s really your printer talking to you. The Canon Selphy ES40 revolutionizes the way we print photos by having a printer talk. Yes. For the Selphy ES40, talking is absolutely normal. Apart from being a chatterbox, this dye sub photo printer has a number of very impressive features you would want to know before making your purchase.

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Very similar in features to the Selphy ES3, the Canon Selphy ES40 packs more punch than its predecessor. The look is sleek and incredibly compact, and it doesn’t look in anyway like a printer. It looks much more like an electronic nebulizer or a children’s toy with a 3.5-inch colored LCD. It has soft round edges, and a small handle you can hold unto to carry it around. No wonder the Canon Selphy ES40 looks like a children’s toy, because even a child can work it with very little effort. The ES40 comes with a handy voice guided feature that can tell you exactly how to access its creative print, so you are in no way left clueless. The printing is blazingly fast, allowing you to process 4×6 prints in only 55 seconds. For the best photos, the Canon Selphy ES40 has some of the best image optimization features built in. The noise reduction feature reduces the graininess of your images, so you get incredibly clear photos every time.

Operating the Canon Selphy ES40 is a breeze with its easy to access control panel. It comes with Canon’s Easy Scroll Wheel for better navigation of your images, four buttons which are large enough for fat thumbs, the On button, the Creative Print button, the Print button, and the Back button, with additional eight smaller buttons for other options. There is a very sleek crevice that runs on the width of the printer which serves as the printer’s paper path. This crevice is internally connected to another slot on the top of the printer, where your photos will be ready for output. The printer comes with a built-in memory card reader, a fifty-sheet output tray, and an optional Bluetooth feature. The mechanism weighs at 4.8 pounds, light enough for you to carry around inside your bag for travel.

Setting up the Canon Selphy ES40 is incredibly quick and easy. You only need to insert a print pack at the side of the printer, attach its accompanying power cord, and you can print images from your memory cards or from any PictBridge cameras. If you’re planning to print from your camera phone or your blue-tooth capable laptop, you can purchase a Bluetooth adapter to attach into your Canon Selphy ES40. You can also print from your computer by connecting a USB cable and installing the installation program with its accompanying CD.

The Canon Selphy ES40 is available at an estimated retail price of $149.99 – a very affordable price for its very astounding features. If you’re planning on printing high-quality photos in a printer that talks for ease of use, then the Selphy ES40 is for you. Click the links below to for the best deals on Canon Selphy printers.

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Canon Selphy ES40 – The Small Photo Printer That Talks