Exercise Is Good for Health but It should Be Appropriate


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Exercise is an important means to improve health and prolong life. However, it does not mean that the amount of exercise should not be considered. The excessive amount of exercise could damage the immunity function of human body and affect health.

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When people are doing strenuous exercise, the body produces more hormones such as adrenaline. As these hormones reach a certain number, the ability of producing white cells of spleen will be leveled down and the activity of A cell, B cell and NK cell in lymphocyte will be decreased, among which the NK cells will be decreased by 35%. Generally speaking, if the reduced immunity after strenuous exercise is maintained about one hour, it takes 24 hours to recover to the original level. As the immunity is decreased, people are susceptible to colds, pneumonia, gastrointestinal infections.

After one or more long-term large amount of exercise training, it can cause hypothalamus functions suppression and blood testosterone levels drop. Testosterone is the main anabolic hormone in human body, which can promote amino acid uptake, nucleic acid and protein synthesis, promote muscle and bone growth, stimulate the secretion of erythropoietin, maintain the male aggression and aggressive awareness. Appropriate amount of exercise or short movement does not affect endocrine. The long term exercise could also increase the incidence of exercise-induced anemia, which mostly is anemia iron deficiency anemia. It can also cause exercise-induced hematuria and proteinuria and exercise-induced asthma.

Many women like to go to the gym to keep fitness. However, a recent study shows that if women spend too much time to go to the gym, it will impair fertility and the probability of infertility is three times higher than moderate exercise. Moderate exercise has obvious benefits on health, but excessive sports would consume the energy women need to become pregnant. It seems that young women are easy to have this risk. Women do not have to completely avoid exercise, because there is no enough evidence to prove that suitable exercise could impair fertility.

Here, I do not want to suggest people not to do exercise but to mention that exercise should be appropriate to reach the aim of keeping healthy.

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