How to select the best Silk Duvets


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Silk Production and Types of Silk

I just thought of sharing some information on silk with you. As you know sericulture or the production of Silk is very intricate and time consuming. The silk worm passes through different stages till the yarn is at last formed. The quality of the silk is also determined by the colour of the cocoon which varies from white, grey or yellow. To remove the silk the cocoon is put in hot and cold temperatures and when the Sericin breaks down the fibres are parted gently. These fine fibres are then woven into the silk fabric.

Due to the intricate process of making the fabric it is considered to be a luxury product. Hence, for most of us silk epitomizes beauty and royalty. From clothes to beddings, silk adds magnificence to the product. Apart from clothes, silk duvets and pillow cases are popular beddings.

Charmeuse, Crepe de Chine or CDC, Filament Silk or Reeled Silk, Georgette, Organza, Taffeta, Douppion, Crepe Satin, Chiffon and Habutai are the varieties of the Silk fabric. The words Habotai and Jacquard describe the types of weave.

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Silk in Britain

The silk thread was first discovered and developed in China. For thousands of years, Silk has been a cultural symbol of status and identity for the Chinese people.

Silk came to Britain down the trade route called The Silk Road long after it reached Asia. Silk weaving art was introduced to London in the 1620s. Silk production mills were opened in Great Britain in the early 1700s and employed over 130,000 people by 1851.

Silk was produced as a luxury fabric and made available only to the wealthy upper classes. Silk is still essentially used in regal attire due to its elegance, grandeur and beautiful lustre.

Benefits of Silk

In the recent past people have started to prefer the use of natural products for a healthier living. Natural products are ecologically friendly and less harmful to the body and skin. Silk is a natural fibre and its anti-allergenic properties make it the best choice for clothes and beddings. Silk products are not just chic and trendy but also beneficial to health. It is a fact that if silk is worn next to the skin it slows down aging and keeps hair soft and tangle free.

Silk Duvets

Silk products can be bought directly from stores or online from virtual stores. However, you must check for the type of silk used.

Habotai and Jacquard silk are of best quality and highly recommended as both can be machine washed at 30C and steam ironed if needed. They retain the light weight of the silk duvet.

Silkwood Silk is 100% pure mulberry silk and best for silk duvets. Its long fibres, quality and softness are a great value for your money.

Preserve your silk duvets by keeping them in cotton bags, in a cool and dark place. Protect against insects with cedar wood balls.

Take proper care and your silk duvets will always remain your favourite bedding.

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