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Adila Masih

Question: 1

On EOS 4.13.1F, which of the following statements are true in regards to Aristas Tap Aggregation feature?

A. Tap ports are send only.

B. Tap ports are receive only.

C. Tool ports are send only.

D. Tool ports are receive only.

Answer: D

Question: 2

Where does Aboot look for the boot system image at boot time?

YouTube Preview Image

A. At the location specified in the running-config

B. At the location specifiedin the startup-config

C. At the location specified in a file named boot-config on flash:

D. At the location specified in a file named boot_config on flash:

Answer: C

Question: 3

When ZTP is in enable node, what triggers ZTP when the switch boots?

A. A missing or zero-byte SWI image.

B. A missing or zero-clue administrator.

C. A missing or zero-byte startup-config file

D. A missing or zero-byte running-config file

Answer: C

Question: 4

Which of the following are valid Event Manager triggers?

A. on-boot

B. on-schedule

C. on-startup-config

D. on-reload

Answer: A, C

Question: 5

Which of the following Arista switch series supports Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)?

A. 7050

B. 7280E

C. 7300

D. 7500E

Answer: D

Question: 6

Which command would you use to change the SSH Idle timeout after entering the management ssh command?

A. idle-timeout

B. timed C. timeout D. ssh-idle Answer: AQuestion: 7 What would be the result of issuing a reload command on one of the two switches peered together in an MLAG domain where both switches are running EOS version 4.14.1F?A. Dual-homed hosts lose 50% of network capacity through the MLAG domain while the switch rebootsB. The peer switch also reboots to ensure network stability.C. The peer switch sends out gratuitous BPDUs to let the network know that it has assumed the root-bridge role.D. Nothing bad ever happens when MLAG is enabled!Answer: AQuestion: 8 On an Arista switch, which port is used to connect a laptop to the switch for initial configuration or password recovery?A. Ethernet 1B. ConsoleC. Management 1D. Ethernet 1/1Answer: AQuestion: 9 How many Arista switches may be a part of a single MLAG domain?A. 2B. 4C. 8D. 16Answer: AQuestion: 10 Which of the following are not valid boot-config file entries?A. NETGW= IMAGE-flash:EOS-4.12.1.swiC. SWI=flash:EOS-4.12.1.swiD. SWIX=flash:EOS-4.12.1.swiAnswer: BWhat DirectCertify offers for ACE-A1.2 Exam ?DirectCertify offers downloadable ACE-A1.2 questions with answers in PDF file which is instantly available for download after pruchase with 90 days free updates and money back guarantee. You may read our guarantee page with all terms written on it for refund process. DirectCertify ACE-A1.2 product price is 39 USD each.ACE-A1.2 Exam Detailed InformationSo what is the ACE-A1.2 exam? It is actually a Arista certified network associate certification that is to be provided by Arista for all the professionals that can actually have the integrity to advance their own professional career. Under most of the information technological branches, and the vendor certification, you find that most of the people tend to go for multiple ACE-A1.2 examinations that IT professionals and the students can actually appear. Such kind of an examination has a particular syllabus, and most of the people depend upon the IT vendor, product or the service in order to get certified. If you manage to become Arista certified, you are definitely going to gain a very good and competitive job, and in todays competition world, you will be able to understand upon the basics on a particular vendor, and find yourself the associate product of this particular essence.You find that there are many ACE-A1.2 examinations for just a single ID Arista certification. Most of the Arista company examinations does actually have a wide range of ACE-A1.2 certification that is entirely different, and has a very different perspective, based upon the products and services pertaining to the ACE-A1.2. A particular Arista certified network can actually help you to gain and validate the skills that you have actually got, and you would be able to undertake the necessity of the certification in that example.Test Information:Total Questions: 99Test Number: ACE-A1.2Vendor Name: ARISTACert Name: ARISTA CERTIFIED ENGINEERING ASSOCIATETest Name: Arista Certified Engineering AssociateOfficial Site: More Details: Immediate Discount on Full Training MaterialDiscount Coupon Code:411611IUH5Article Source: }