Help your child discover reading and writing from an early age


Paul Hickson

Literacy starts the day children are born. The more early reading and writing experiences children have, the more likely theyll be at school and later in life. Thats why rich and varied language and literacy experiences at home and at preschool are so crucial.

Children who have been read to by their parents, who know nursery rhymes and chants, who hear a great deal of language and who are familiar with many words have a significant advantage.

When it comes to learning to read and write, children need to be familiar with language and utilise it to communicate their ideas, desires and feelings with other people. Literacy skills include comprehending, listening, speaking, writing and reading.

Think about how your childs literacy skills have been developing since they were born. As an infant, he or she responded to the rhythm, patterns and the tone of your voice as well as those of adults around them. By the end of their first year, your baby communicated intentionally making sounds while pointing at a specific object or while raising his or her arms.

Your childs brain is wired for language development every time you sing or read a story. Now, approaching age three, your child is communicating with words and increasing in vocabulary daily. You want to choose a preschool that will continue to improve these skills.

So its extremely important that we dont neglect the comprehension skills that our children need to develop from the day of birth. Parents shouldnt expect their childs teachers to teach them everything from start to finish. Its up to parents to put 20 minutes aside, even just three times a week, to help their child become familiar with how to read and/or listen and positively react to what to this by speaking. Its a fundamental part of learning that stays with everyone right through their lives.

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