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Occurrence of car repair cannot be predicted in beforehand; only thing we have to do is to be prepared in advance to avoid car repair by regular car services with proper maintenance. It will be better if the car is handled by single driver only. In case of used cars, change repair parts with original car company parts related to its car maker, to avoid future car repair. There are car repair, which end with accident. For e.g., when accelerator stuck or become sticky, steering failure, head lamp failure, Jammed Steering Lock, breakdown in critical environment, etc,

Some suggestion to overcome car repair in critical situations:

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Car Repair due to Accelerator Stuck:

When Accelerator stuck or become Sticky, it increases the speed of the car, at this situation the driver has to put the break consistently to overcome the effect of acceleration. In the case of car with rear wheel drive, then the driver should use the parking brake under manual operation. The gear should be in neutral and have a clear view around your environment after the car is slowed down, turn off the engine of the car, be cautious as the engine may hinder with the power steering resulting in the reduced efficiency of servo assisted brakes.

Car Repair due to steering failure:

The main cause of power steering failure is the loss of power in the car. This might occur if a hydraulic pipe breaks or is cut by scraps from the road. In such situation, the steering would slowly become harder, therefore giving a warning to the driver. So when the driver loses power steering he has take strong grip on the steering wheel and halts the car as soon as possible. If the steering failure is caused due an engine cut out, then one has to apply hard breaking to stop the car right away. Sometimes the steering failure occurs due to breakage of the mechanical linkage. It is also important to check on the tyre condition as it can cause steering go out of control.

Car Repair due to jammed Steering lock:

When the steering lock is jammed, it can be released by smoothly turning the wheel of the car from side to side. The load on the steering often avoids free movement. In this condition, try to move the car around a meter by pushing the car or allowing it to roll. If the car is on a hill then the brake should be pressed much harder with the engine switched off. Another method would be to remove the load on the steering and allow adequate movement for the lock. Consult a mechanic if the above mentioned techniques do not work.

These were few suggestions, to overcome your car repair by yourself during critical situations.

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Car Repair


Become A Ford Technician In Just One Year

Become a Ford Technician In Just One Year



In previous generations, “blue collar’ jobs didn’t require much training. However, with technological advances, the education requirements for these jobs have changed. One such area is the field of automotive services. Cars have become more technologically advanced, and technicians must obtain a post-secondary education by way of an apprenticeship program before embarking on their career. In 2002, there were approximately 818,000 automotive service technicians employed in positions in the United States alone. Duties of automotive service technicians include: writing vehicle damage repair estimates, repairing broken or worn mechanical components, maintaining repair and service records, installing equipment, components and systems, testing vehicles both before and after repair, and repairing electrical wiring, circuits and fixtures.

Many service technicians choose to work for specific auto manufactures such as the Ford Motor Company, which is a reliable employer as five of its vehicles are ranked at number one in their categories and 14 vehicles ranked in the top three of their categories. In order to work for Ford, it is suggested that automotive service techs attend a specific Ford Technician training program.

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One such program is offered at Centennial College, where students can learn skills and theories during in-school sessions and then expand their knowledge via time with an employer. The Automotive Service Technician Ford Company of Canada Limited Asset (MAP 32) Apprenticeship takes one year to complete and is conducted from the province’s largest transportation training centre.

Students who are interested in obtaining Centennial College’s Ford technician training must have completed at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or a General Education Diploma or equivalent. A Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd. Dealership must also employ the applicant. Successful applicants must obtain an employer and then register as a MAP apprentice with the Apprenticeship Branch of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Acceptance is based on successful completion of all entry requirements. Limited space is available in each program. Please note that candidates may apply directly to Centennial College for this Ford technician training.

Once students have been accepted, they will receive in-school training that is actually more in-depth than that of a traditional apprenticeship. During this time, students practice on Ford models and tools that are commonly used in the trade. They also become familiar with the latest Ford technology while focusing on: electronics, transmission, engines, air conditioning, supplemental restraint systems and the diagnosing of vehicle management systems. In addition, the program teaches Ford specialties that, in the past, students had to attend Ford school to obtain. These specialties are: engines, electrical, brakes and climate control.

In their training to become a ford technician, students also spend time at a Ford dealership, working alongside professionals and gaining additional knowledge. During their session with an employer, Centennial College takes an earn-while-you-learn approach and students are compensated for their work. In addition, students may be eligible for employment insurance during the in-class training.

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Ford technician training

offered to students from Centennial College. She notes that students experience a combination of in-school sessions and hands-on time in the field with an employer.

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