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Design Tricks: Apply a Great Wallpaper Pattern Yourself

Though you may want to paint some of your walls, we recommend that you try wallpaper as it is a great substitute to paint and leaves a great look. One of the major benefits to wallpaper is that you can not only add color quickly, but also add some contrast with the texture and color design. As far as the where and what kind of wallpaper options are out there you should start with a hobby website or store. If you are looking to save even more time there are wallpaper sheet specifically for dollhouses that are made in small cuts for easy installation. You can also print off your own wallpaper. Simply open a word document and create a pattern that will look great for your dollhouse and presto, homemade wallpaper!A great tip is to go to a scrap booking store, they will have sheets cut to your needs with several design choices to fit your needs. Remember, you learn by doing, so start with something simple and create something amazing.

Using Size to your Benefit for Design

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Always, always remember that there are different sizing elements in miniatures. The first sizing element of miniatures is the scale, the second is the room dimensions, and third is sizing miniatures next to one another. Miniature scaling refers to the fact that dolls and their furniture come in different sizing patterns. Meaning, you should check your dollhouse scale, if it is quarter inch you need quarter inch furniture. The second size element, sizing up the room, means that you are not getting furniture that will not fit in the room. The actual furniture dimensions should be located at the store or website that you bought it at, simply measure and compare. Lastly, the final point is the size of the furniture as it compares to other pieces around it. Larger pieces will have more of a prominence so if you really want to make your china cabinet pop you shouldnt make the dining room table so elaborate.

Designing by Mood

Great designers know that in order to have a good layout and design you need to strive for the appropriate mood. The mood of the room is chosen by the expectations of those that do, or plan to use it. An example is that you would have a kitchen to eat, have conversation, relax, cook etc. Another example would be a bedroom, which is more personal, intimate, and is directly affected by the personality of the resident. Great dollhouses are no different. To help you get in the mood setting, picture the room and the feelings that emanate from that room, then design colors, furniture, and styles to match that setting. When you tap into the mood you will know it, and the design of the room will just fall in place as if it was meant to be there all along.

Dollhouse Flooring Options

It is the small things that once changed make the biggest difference, and in this case flooring is a great small change for a big difference. Flooring can be a great design medium because it is the foundation for all of your furniture. Just as with new flooring in any house, new flooring in a dollhouse will increase the value and appeal. Carpet, linoleum, tile, stone, and hard wood are the most popular choices in flooring options. Carpet is a really fun choice, because it makes the kit seem like a miniature version of your house. The next set of flooring options that are popular are tile, and linoleum – a great touch for a smooth surface and an interesting color. Stone and hard wood choices are really available for those die hard hobbyist that want a very realistic house, but hey when you want quality there is no better option.


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