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Welcome to S.K Dies and Tools Companys web page. S.K. Dies and Tools is a leading manufacturer of Industrial and domestic metal and semi metal products. We manufacture products such as Press Tools, Auto part press tools, Rubber moulds, Auto components, Stamping dies, Gasket tooling, Radiator tooling, Jigs and fixtures, and other machined components and dies. We are specialized In Dies and Tools, and also hold a wide range of dies and tools. Apart from dies and tools we also have a wide range of press tools and sheet metal components.

We are located in the heart of Vadodara city, Gujarat. And are well equipped with all necessary technologies and manufacturing facilities all of latest technologies. With technologies we manufacture in clean places and have well trained technicians and mechanics. We have all possible requirements to make worlds best quality products with assurance of best performance. This is possible with our team of technicians and highly qualified Technocrats who test each and every product before it is made and assembled.

Our products are 100 % quality assured as they are made of best selected raw materials and with the use of high quality steel from world renowned manufacturers backed by their technical assistance for right selection. Every product manufactured here is first drawn and then carefully manufactured under constant inspection of our team of technicians and technocrats. We manufacture products according to the demand of our customers so we have a special team of designers and technicians making the products of customers choice with best excellence.

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Radiator tools are made according to it use, whether in domestic or in industry both has different requirements and components to be used, and keeping all this in mind, we here in S.K. Dies and tools manufacture different types of domestic as well as industry radiator tools and equipments. Our list of radiator tools contains varieties of products. We manufacture products according to the demand and use of the customer. Like many of our products this is also available in kit and single. Our products are made from best materials available and are 100% pure in competitive price.

We manufacture radiators for vehicles, home appliances, and industrial machines. Radiators are generally made of copper and now generally steel. A cast iron household radiator is now common in many parts of the world. We manufacture many sizes of cast iron household radiator, made from sheet steel. For industrial use we manufacture kits like Radiator pressure tester kit. It is capable of testing automotive pressurised cooling system up to 30 PSI.

Radiator tools are very much seen around us Radiator valves and vehicle radiator adaptor. Radiators used in vehicles and in AC are corrosion resistant and absorbs heat from the machine and cools the machine. Radiator three way key, Radiator four way key, Radiator valve key, and radiator spanner and various other plumbing radiator tools.

We have a special team of Technicians and Technocrats to explore the possibilities of technology, and with gradual change and improvement in technology we improve on the qualities of our product, we believe in best quality products with best performance and services, so we go on exploring new products for our customers. Our products performance is pre-checked and then manufactured for our customers. We believe in making products for almost all uses and for every class, domestic or Industrialist, so our team looks on a wide range of possibilities with minimal expenditure and time efficiently. Our after purchase service is available for 24 hours to all our customers.

Our Motto is perfection with best quality at least rates that too within customers time frame. We believe and stick to our motto.

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